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Below you'll find the some of the recent music projects that we've been involved in.

Find out more about what we've done for great artists like

Brighton Gay Men's Chorus, as well as Justin Utley and Matt Alber


We've been involved with the Brighton Gay Men's Chorus for a number of years now.


CEO Adam Betteridge was on the trustee management team for several years, looking after and consulting on PR, marketing, ticket sales, bookings, and arranging sponsorship opportunities.


He also helped organise the involvement of the Brighton Gay Men's Chorus at this year's Hand in Hand concert, featuring 25 choirs from the UK and Ireland. It was held at the Brighton Dome in June, and was incredibly successful in raising funds for Sussex Beacon and Lunch Positive.






"Brighton Gay Men’s Chorus is a registered charity with three guiding principles, our “three S’s”: Singing, the celebration of life and music through male voice harmonies; Socialising, using this activity to develop social bonds that help people to feel connected with a sometimes lonely world; and Support, to be there for each other – both collectively and individually – when the chips are down, and to be there for the communities in which the chorus operates, too.


Membership is open to anyone who self-identifies as a gay or gay-friendly man, and currently has around 80 members.


We are a democratically-run, charitable organisation, annually electing a board of trustees. Each trustee is an officer or co-ordinator with a portfolio and a place on the Management Team, which meets every month and guides the work of the chorus."


From Brighton Gay Men's Chorus website





Authentic produced everything behind this particular sell out gig, including organising the venue, marketing,  ticket sales, artist arrangements, and the technical aspects too


The event also helped raise funds for the Hand In Hand LGBT Choral Festival & Concert


You can find out more about Justin here

Authentic produced another sell-out gig for US singer-songwriter Matt Alber. This again included organising the venue, advertising, ticket sales, looking after Matt, and organising the technical requirements..


The gig helped raised funds for Brighton Pride and the Rainbow Fund


You can find out more about Matt here


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